Our procurement department plays a crucial role in project completion, big or small, by ensuring a dependable, cost-effective supply chain management system. At MAC-NAY, we strive to provide top-notch goods and services at the right time, place and cost for our clients. With the help of our trusted local and international partners, we have established strong relationships with renowned manufacturers in the oil and gas industry. This, combined with our efficient transport and logistics team, allows us to source any material required in the shortest possible time.

We offer both closed and open-covered warehouse facilities, as well as open yard space for uncovered materials. Our warehouse control services include pick-up and delivery, ensuring that all our client’s needs are met. During peak periods, we operate almost 24 hours a day, calling upon our pool of certified personnel to ensure timely project completion. We maintain an updated database of our experienced and certified personnel, making it easy for us to mobilize a large workforce within a short time frame.

Our capabilities in this sector include good knowledge of local markets, standards, customs, and best procurement practices, allowing us to easily source materials from the local market. We provide expert professionals who handle various responsibilities in oil and gas projects and maintain excellent agency relationships with renowned manufacturers of oil field tools and equipment. We also offer equipment and truck lease and rentals.